February Meeting

Our next meeting will be on February 7th and we will be having Connecticut Trivia Challenge. Meeting details will be provided when available.

Our next volunteer opportunity will be a continuance of working with the New Haven Court Records. It is both interesting and fun to discuss with others in our group. Please consider joining us on January 31st at the Van Block facility at 10 a.m. Instructions will be provided by the archives staff.

If you have not signed up and are interested in volunteering, you can review the description of the project and the Connecticut State Library’s Volunteer Agreement. The applicant information and the emergency contact should be completed. You may disregard the work schedule area. Be sure to sign at the end. You may submit your completed form to Carol Witmer at vicepresident@ctprofgen.org or you may bring them in on January 31st.  Feel free to bring your lunch.